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Luke Maninov Hammond is an Australian neuroscience imaging specialist and contemporary jeweller. An exhibition development award (QCA/Flying Arts) allowed him to present his first solo exhibition of jewellery and silver sculptures, In This Unfolding, at the Queensland College of Art in 2015. The success of this exhibition led to a quick progression of subsequent national and international solo and group shows. His practice is focused on reimagining biological form to explore themes of impermanence, consciousness and the connection between all living things. Through the study of organic structures that define life his novel creations instil a sense of wonder whilst also connecting complex biological and metaphysical ideas. Inspired by his continuing work in biomedical imaging and neuroscience research, these works consist of fine jewellery, sculpture and printed images. 

Luke’s silversmithing techniques translate the dynamic processes observed in nature at the macro and micro scales into intricate precious metal forms. Carving and manipulating wax followed by unique surface colouration and stone setting methods allow him to bring these objects to life. Experimenting with the phenomena of biophillia his work is able to generate a connection with the viewer and simultaneously encourage reflection on what lies below the surface of our beings.

In addition to jewellery and object fabrication, Luke has a background in neuroscience imaging and research, publishing and working alongside researchers studying consciousness, sleep, Alzheimer’s disease, Schizophrenia and other themes in neuroscience. His passion includes teaching and exploring new methods for imaging neurons and the brain along with developing novel ways of exploring the beautiful images captured using these techniques. Importantly, by working between the worlds of art and science Luke has been able to facilitate public engagement with advanced neuroscience.  

Luke's CV and publications can be found here

Solo Exhibitions

2017    Beneath the Surface, Main Gallery, Artisan, QLD, Australia (June 16 - August 9)

2017    Beneath the Surface, Pieces of Eight Gallery, VIC, Australia (Apr)

2015    Ellipsed, Fallow, QLD, Australia (Dec)

2015     Cerulean Odyssey, Social Sciences and Humanities Library, University of Queensland, QLD, Australia (Oct)

2015     In This Unfolding, Project Gallery, Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, QLD, Australia (May)

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018    Submerged, SciArt Center, NY, USA (Jun)

2016    Wonky, Tinning St Gallery, VIC, Australia (May)

2016    As Above So Below, Graydon Gallery, QLD, Australia (Apr)

2016    Sulcus Loci, State Library Queensland, APAF, QLD, Australia (co-curator) (Mar-May)

2016    Greensmith, Abrams Claghorn Gallery, CA, USA (Jan)

2014    Wild Waters, Brisbane Square Library, QLD, Australia (Sep)

2014    Greensmith, Artisan, QLD, Australia (Jul-Sep)

2014    Over Your Head, Stanley Street Gallery, NSW, Australia (Aug-Sep)

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Emerging ring with Australian sapphires, 2017.

Emerging ring with Australian sapphires, 2017.

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