Above and Below

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These are a selection of the works exhibited at Graydon Gallery on April 20 - May 1, 2016 as part of Above and Below. The complete collection included wall mounted sculptures alongside rings, pendants, earrings and brooches made in precious metals.

Inspired by present day neuroscience imaging and microscopic details first presented by renowned microscopist and artist Ernst Haeckel. These pieces are both a celebration and reflection of the past 10 years I've dedicated to improving my understanding of microscopy and how to use glowing proteins from the sea to reconstruct the forms of the living.

Each piece is made in solid sterling silver or gold and make use of my continuing exploration in surface colouration techniques. Many are complimented by carefully set precious stones. 






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Large Radial Earrings luke maninov hammond.jpg

When viewing the forms of neurons and other cellular structures within the brain there is an immediate hint to an underwater world of corals and ocean life. However, the connection between the brain and the deep is not simply confined to shared form. 

It is our fascination with sea life which led to the discovery of unique glowing proteins that have revolutionised modern biomedical science and subsequently sparked a journey to understand consciousness by visualising the brain. Through the genetic reengineering of fluorescent proteins, like the green fluorescent protein identified in jellyfish and others found in corals, we are able to see the invisible. 

From reconstructing entire neuron populations within the brain to watching them guide each other and wire together in developing brains. The most recent advancements using these proteins mean that we can now watch neurons firing in living animals, acting as a window to consciousness. These works explore the shared connection between the mind, consciousness and the sea. 

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Neuron pin luke maninov hammond