first public collections

I few weeks ago, right before I left for the USA, I found out that I had been accepted to launch my first two collections at The Finders Keepers Markets in Brisbane. I’ve spent the few spare moments I’ve had travelling around to prepare everything for launch on a tiny laptop from uncomfortable beds and hostel couches … but I’m ready.

This has been a huge amount of work which for a long time has been mostly secret except to my closest friends and family. Born of frustration in the designs I found whenever I went looking to buy jewellery and equal frustration in my inability to materialise any of the ideas in my head a small mess developed in my room. This mess, traversing a lot of ups and downs and points of near giving up, has slowly expanded into a studio that now contains everything I need to create.

first space // in the beginning

first space // in the beginning

a few months ago

a few months ago

As my technique has evolved the ideas I have started to explore have begun to move well past what I ever even imagined but the two collections I’m launching today represent the core of my drive as an artist to explore natural forms in new ways.

The pieces from Symmetria are a neutral exploration into the complexity and beauty of natural form. Drawing inspiration from beneath leaves, sea and skin the resulting pieces serve as both functional jewellery and wearable art. Symmetry, which dictates beauty, creates form and governs function, is also explored in terms of its role in the natural world through pieces of both natural and unnatural origin


The semiconscious state in which we exist permeates our lives such that we often forget the beauty in the world around us. The pieces from Efflorescence counter this and have purposely drawn inspiration from species and forms that are common, to create a sense of wonder in something so frequently seen that its beauty has become muted.


There are a lot more images of my work available on my website –

 — which I will continue to update, along with posts here about individual pieces, leading up to the official launch on 

Saturday July 7th.