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first work in neurons

I’m forever surprised by just how much thoughts can diverge from the reality of what’s possible and how much this impacts the creative process. and motivation.

Young-ha Kim’s talk is one of the best I’ve seen on this recently.

“write like crazy
when you write slowly lots of thoughts creep in. the artist devil creeps in.
you can’t do it
you have to run fast so the devil can’t catch up”

its true. as much as it seems that thinking will give you the answer to something, it often doesn’t.

The longer this process lingers the more it’s derailed and the more thats held back.

Circumventing the over burdened consciousness is creating. and it makes you more alive.

I’m so far behind in sharing what I’ve been working on. The past few months I’ve been part of some great projects. Lots of new rings and designs. Some have been used in shoots here in Brisbane and in Sydney. Including some earcuffs I made for Sarah Birchley. I will post photos when they’re released. And some darker work is on the way as a collaboration with Glen Krohn and TamZen Holland, really looking forward to revealing this in the coming months.

the focus of the past few weeks has been on my first work in neurons. I’ve included some of the earliest work below. These are will be rings and small sculptures made entirely of silver, exploring neuronal form in different states and part a bigger project to link with neuroscience.

satomi shoots and squids

A lot of exciting things coming up in the next few months!

In October I will be exhibiting with the new Brisbane movement RAWartists. The event — PROVOCATIONS – will be on October 24th at Oh Hello!  in the valley (will post some more details soon). There will be bands and other great local artists there on the night and I will be releasing a new series of works… I don’t want to give too much away but there will be a few huge pieces… here is one of the new rings I’ve been working on..


A few weeks after provocations I will be back again for the Spring/Summer Finders Keepers Markets at the old museum – Saturday/Sunday November 3rd + 4th.

Thought I’d also include some photos from the shoot with satomi (very top, and below).

I also recently came across the works of brisbane artist and designer Xiao Deng - there are some great pieces on her website but the illustrations I saw at the Reframed exhibition are my favorite.

There were also some incredible broaches designed by Ari Fuller… the details on these were amazing I still can’t get them out of my mind.

Ari Fuller

Ari Fuller

Also, thanks to the good folk at The Meander who gave me a mention on their blog last week – found here

Lastly, I came across this on Colossal and had to share it… squid skin responding to cypress hill

just watch it

creating the unimaginable

The past few weeks have been incredibly busy but the online store has finally opened!


Also, my work is now available through Hanasho, Eba’s artisan florist store in West End. There are always amazing works on display here so it’s definitely worth a visit next time you’re in West End.


I’ve also been making a few interesting custom pieces on request (like the one above), and a new paw pendant (below) that has made its way through to the shop if you would like this this piece. 



Still very busy on some big projects in the background (including 3D design work!)… so some really exciting announcements to come in the next few months!

Whilst I am a strong believer in the traditional jewellery design and creation process (there is nothing like making something with your own hands), works like those by Michael Hansmeyer are really driving my inspiration for larger scale designs.

When I first saw images of these columns online I thought they had been created by condensing architectural designs into single columns but after watching Michael’s talk the other night they have only become more impressive. I love the concept of making forms beyond imagination. Drawing from the process of natures creation, rather than directly from its form, he has created these vastly complex awe inspring structures that bear so many similarities to gothic architecture and the organic.

Then there are artists like Riusuke Fukahori who do all this with their bare hands… Riusuke paints (not prints) using the same layered effect to create beautiful and immersive works.

These works are incredibly inspirational. Watch the video.

swimming in volcanoes

Today was my first day at an advanced imaging course at Marine Biology Laboratory at Woods Hole Massachusetts – the main reason I came out to the US. The days run from 8am to midnight.. so I doubt I will be writing much while I'm here.

The past days spent in Seattle were fortunate to have amazing weather so I took the chance to hike around crescent lake and up into the ridges overlooking mount olympus.

Clear skies made for some breathtaking views right over the mountains.

We didn’t spot any elk but a few black tail deer lingered by the roadside on our way up. We even got a clear view of Mount Rainier… a massive, active volcano due for an explosive city destroying eruption anytime now.

There are a carefree few who actually climb Mount Rainier

with scuba gear

enter through the steam vents

and then descend

back down into the volcano to explore the lake inside. 

skylights illuminate the original (now underground) sidewalks of Seattle

skylights illuminate the original (now underground) sidewalks of Seattle


mount Rainier // this is not a cloud