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on location for an upcoming shoot with black magazine  

on location for an upcoming shoot with black magazine  

These past few weeks I've been living out of boxes while I search for a new home and place to create. Lots of work coming but not the best time for posting..

Daniel Sangermani and Kymberly Louise also invited me to include my work for a new shoot for black magazine. Heres some BTS shots I took on the day.

_DSC0162 (1).jpg
_DSC0093 - Version 2 (1).jpg
_DSC0173 (1).jpg
_DSC0179 (1).jpg
new earrings I've been making for Symmetria

new earrings I've been making for Symmetria

symmetria rings

symmetria rings





Nicole also featured my work and an interview for IZE magazine - their latest issue on Brisbane fashion - find it here


Also, one of my rings found its way into the first issue of ROMM 


++ photos from the studio.

from the mountains

Tonight’s my last night in San Francisco.

It’s hard leaving… It’s been an amazing trip.

I’ve met some great people and artists as well as seen some really inspiring works around SF and the USA. But my bag is packed and I doubt it can fit any more. Last trips through mission district and haight st have left it overflowing with old things, clothes and a fringe jacket. Hard to pass a jacket like that by while being painfully away of the ridiculous price tag it would be attached to back in Australia.

I haven’t had a time to go through many photos but thought I’d post a few from the days I spent hiking around Yosemite. They don’t really do justice to the huge Sequia trees. Scale like that seems lost in photographs

swimming in volcanoes

Today was my first day at an advanced imaging course at Marine Biology Laboratory at Woods Hole Massachusetts – the main reason I came out to the US. The days run from 8am to midnight.. so I doubt I will be writing much while I'm here.

The past days spent in Seattle were fortunate to have amazing weather so I took the chance to hike around crescent lake and up into the ridges overlooking mount olympus.

Clear skies made for some breathtaking views right over the mountains.

We didn’t spot any elk but a few black tail deer lingered by the roadside on our way up. We even got a clear view of Mount Rainier… a massive, active volcano due for an explosive city destroying eruption anytime now.

There are a carefree few who actually climb Mount Rainier

with scuba gear

enter through the steam vents

and then descend

back down into the volcano to explore the lake inside. 

skylights illuminate the original (now underground) sidewalks of Seattle

skylights illuminate the original (now underground) sidewalks of Seattle


mount Rainier // this is not a cloud

porcelain skulls

Seattle has been kind to me.

Last night I saw Brian Jonestown Massacre play the Neptune theatre – a restored theatre built in the 20′s.  The Blue Angel Lounge played an awesome support before BJM came out to start what was a pretty average set…

half an hour in and things started to deteriorate. I’ve seen DiG! so this wasn’t completely unexpected but that was filmed a while ago and for some reason I thought things would have changed.

Of course there were a few people in the crowd feeding comments to spark a breakdown..

“where’s your set list?” 

Anton replies (as close as I can recall) in the way only Anton could:

"WHERES my fucking set list? Why do I need a fucking set list? When I started playing every band I know used to play with set lists and guess where they are now.. dead, on drugs, or working at burger king. do you think set lists are some mystical key to success? Fuck set lists! Man, telling me to use a set list is like giving me a box of lego with a pirate ship on the front and then getting upset at me for not building the pirate ship. heyyy he’s not using all the pieces like he’s supposed to. man, i’m not going to build a pirate ship. i’m building a space ship."

the kind of memorable manic outbursts that make you think it could all just be an act

or is it?

and then just a few songs later, when it seemed like the whole thing might come undone it completely turned on its head and the whole band came together for more than an hour of truly grand songs and experimental instrumentals that more than won everyone over.


The days I’ve had here have been fortunate too. Clear skies for the trips I’ve made and I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from the streets.

{far4} is a great gallery store I came across (might just have enjoyed this place more than Seattle Art Museum!) with some beautifully delicate porcelain pieces by Klimenkoff. I almost bought some of his work but there is no way of me getting it home, he’s spared no effort on the details in each piece, the petals are so fine they are often translucent. alas photos do no justice. (photos below from Klimenkoffs website)

These were contrasted with the works of Seattle based artist Richard Krafft. His series of Soviet weapons recreated into porcelain are the kind of works you expect to see internationally and probably will.

Richard Krafft

Richard Krafft

Richard Krafft

Richard Krafft

and some skulls... first Trevor Jackson's...

Trevor Jackson

Trevor Jackson

Trevor Jackson

Trevor Jackson

Then Hugh Willa‘s in glass..

Hugh Willa

Hugh Willa

and lastly.. Walter Oltmann’s Catipillar suits, which have been stuck in my head since I saw them at SAM