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Ramen. and Envisaging the Invisible

This week has been incredibly busy both at work and in the studio as I try to get everything organised before leaving for the USA on the 4th.

This is just an extension of the past few months, where I’ve been so focused on finishing the pieces for my first two series that I’ve hardly had a chance to catch up with friends.

Not having the time to really plan anything for my birthday Asiya led me out into the torrential rain on Saturday night for mystery birthday times… I wasn’t really sure where we were heading until we were getting close to Taro's. Would have been chuffed enough with just some delicious Ramen but when we got inside she’d planned for a whole bunch of my friends to be waiting.  

Needless to say I felt like one lucky fool.

Asiya//cake times

Asiya//cake times

Sister love

Sister love

arlier in the day we went out trawling through the antiques in Paddington.. I was lucky enough to find this piece for $25.

The flowers are silk embroidered and the entire case frame adorned with hand engravings.

Still in good shape except for the latch..

Jericho paper inside dated 1910

The Friday before, I had the great opportunity of meeting Jo Underhill, a talented artist working in residence at a nearby institute, and sharing some of the imaging projects we are working on. Her project “envisaging the invisible” aims to translate what can be seen at a microscopic level and express these images through her paintings and personal experiences. The results from this exploration will no doubt generate some amazing paintings – especially given her recent work (below).