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first work in neurons

I’m forever surprised by just how much thoughts can diverge from the reality of what’s possible and how much this impacts the creative process. and motivation.

Young-ha Kim’s talk is one of the best I’ve seen on this recently.

“write like crazy
when you write slowly lots of thoughts creep in. the artist devil creeps in.
you can’t do it
you have to run fast so the devil can’t catch up”

its true. as much as it seems that thinking will give you the answer to something, it often doesn’t.

The longer this process lingers the more it’s derailed and the more thats held back.

Circumventing the over burdened consciousness is creating. and it makes you more alive.

I’m so far behind in sharing what I’ve been working on. The past few months I’ve been part of some great projects. Lots of new rings and designs. Some have been used in shoots here in Brisbane and in Sydney. Including some earcuffs I made for Sarah Birchley. I will post photos when they’re released. And some darker work is on the way as a collaboration with Glen Krohn and TamZen Holland, really looking forward to revealing this in the coming months.

the focus of the past few weeks has been on my first work in neurons. I’ve included some of the earliest work below. These are will be rings and small sculptures made entirely of silver, exploring neuronal form in different states and part a bigger project to link with neuroscience.

Artisan and the Spring/Summer Finders Keepers

Working on a lot of projects at the moment.

As part of the RAWards finals coming up next month I’m producing on some really large pieces along with some visuals I will start getting these up on vimeo in the next few days.


The good folk at the fortitude valley (m)art Artisan store have placed some of work for sale there too. They’re home to some of the best art and jewellery in brisbane so always worth a visit when you’re in the valley.

In the lead up to the RAWards I will selling a lot of my latest pieces at the Finders Keepers Spring/Summer Markets..2nd and 3rd of November – I’ve been making new efflorescence rings lately – Including these double pearl pieces (below). Its on all weekend at Brisbane Old Mueseum. Its Free. With bands and German sausages. What more incentive do you need?


first human X-ray

On November 8, 1895 William Rontgen stood Berthe, his beloved wife, up against a film plate and blasted her with a stream of unknown radiation (he was all about the romance).

Berthe’s first words when confronted with the image of her own hand and the wedding ring hovering around the bone of her finger:

“I have seen my death”

Up until this point the only time people saw human bones was through injury, surgery or death, so you can understand the impact this must have had. 


Today the same technique is used to create three-dimensional images that help us understand the human body and world around us even further. Artists like Judith K. McMillian also use this technique to give us new perspectives on the often overlooked world around us – like the images below.

When I discovered the works of Judith, or the photographic work of Blossfeldt, I found a familurality with the drive in me. I don’t seek to repeat their work but I would to carry this documentation of nature into physical form through my jewellery.

One of the first pieces exploring this idea is the ring below.