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This sunday past was such an epic day spent with some talented people for the first photoshoot using my work. Dan Sangermani (RedEclipse Photography) with Kris Blucher teamed up with stylists Sarah Birchley and Shari O’Dwyer to create some impressive looks with the help of Danielle Gallagher and Carla Sakrzewski (hair+makup). Daisy Hofstetter, who modelled all the designs, including those by House of Ezis, easily worked the hardest on the day, alternating between shots semi-submerged in icy water to standing atop concrete pilars in full Queensland sun.

Apart from this break and meeting the good humans above, I’ve been working hard in the studio, and have just finished whole new series of delicate rings using flowers inspired by the below.


first human X-ray

On November 8, 1895 William Rontgen stood Berthe, his beloved wife, up against a film plate and blasted her with a stream of unknown radiation (he was all about the romance).

Berthe’s first words when confronted with the image of her own hand and the wedding ring hovering around the bone of her finger:

“I have seen my death”

Up until this point the only time people saw human bones was through injury, surgery or death, so you can understand the impact this must have had. 


Today the same technique is used to create three-dimensional images that help us understand the human body and world around us even further. Artists like Judith K. McMillian also use this technique to give us new perspectives on the often overlooked world around us – like the images below.

When I discovered the works of Judith, or the photographic work of Blossfeldt, I found a familurality with the drive in me. I don’t seek to repeat their work but I would to carry this documentation of nature into physical form through my jewellery.

One of the first pieces exploring this idea is the ring below.