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Observing Vision // SciArt Centre Exhibition

Some of the images I created while at Queensland Brain Institute have been selected for a group show alongside 20 other international artists as part of the SciArt Centre Submerged exhibition
These images were captured in collaboration with Dr. Jeremy Ullmann, now a research fellow at the Boston Children's Hospital. Taking advantage of the transparent skin of the zebrafish we were able to image and observe individual brain cells,  called neurons, within the living brain. Many gigabytes of individual images were captured and reconstructed to produce the images of the brain and eyes of the zebrafish shown here. 

Observing Vision I

Observing Vision I

Images captured at high-resolution in 3D using state-of-the-art fluorescence microscopy at the University of Queensland's, Queensland Brain Institute.

Neurons // Valentin Stefanov
Neuron pendant. Silver, Gold, Topaz, White Sapphires. 2014

Neuron pendant. Silver, Gold, Topaz, White Sapphires. 2014

A friend of mine recently completed her PhD in neuroscience. As a gift, her lab commissioned me to make a pendant. This is the completed piece. From wax to silver and gold, set with white Sapphires and Topaz.

Last show of 2013. Xmas pop-up shop at the Box, West End. Thanks to everyone who came by!

3D printed vases by Jess Lenton

3D printed vases by Jess Lenton

Recent shoot using my jewellery for hairstylist Valentin Stefanov

(Hair: Valentin Stefanov / Beauty: Rose Moffat / Photography: Elouise Van Riet-Grey / Assistant: Shari Le Strange / Model: Nicole Hitchcock)

art for neuroscience

Recently I received first and second place in an art competition for science related to the imaging work I’ve been doing.

The first prize was for an image I made in collaboration with two neuroscientists working on neurons in the spinal cord of mice. 


Second prize was for a black and white photo of the amyloid proteins associated with Alzheimer’s disease growing across glass.


Below are a few of the other images I’ve taken recently in similar work.

photo of a high-resolution lens


fluorescent neurons in a living zebrafish embryos


neurons in the cortex