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The past few weeks have been incredibly busy but the online store has finally opened!


Also, my work is now available through Hanasho, Eba’s artisan florist store in West End. There are always amazing works on display here so it’s definitely worth a visit next time you’re in West End.


I’ve also been making a few interesting custom pieces on request (like the one above), and a new paw pendant (below) that has made its way through to the shop if you would like this this piece. 



Still very busy on some big projects in the background (including 3D design work!)… so some really exciting announcements to come in the next few months!

Whilst I am a strong believer in the traditional jewellery design and creation process (there is nothing like making something with your own hands), works like those by Michael Hansmeyer are really driving my inspiration for larger scale designs.

When I first saw images of these columns online I thought they had been created by condensing architectural designs into single columns but after watching Michael’s talk the other night they have only become more impressive. I love the concept of making forms beyond imagination. Drawing from the process of natures creation, rather than directly from its form, he has created these vastly complex awe inspring structures that bear so many similarities to gothic architecture and the organic.

Then there are artists like Riusuke Fukahori who do all this with their bare hands… Riusuke paints (not prints) using the same layered effect to create beautiful and immersive works.

These works are incredibly inspirational. Watch the video.