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Myriad Rings Moonstone Luke Maninov Hammond.jpg


Efflorescence began as a series of carefully detailed silver floral forms reflecting on how our semiconscious existence often causes us to neglect the beauty in the world around us. These were recreated with gold and surface patination techniques for a project with Monoco (Japan) in 2013. The collection comprises carefully handcrafted rings, earrings and pendants in sterling silver and carefully detailed using gold vermeil, palladium and oxidative patina.  

October Ring | Sterling silver, pearl, gold vermeil.
Myriad Ring |  Sterling silver, gold vermeil.
September Ring | Sterling silver, pearl, gold vermeil.
Dark November Ring | Sterling silver, gold vermeil.
December Ring | Sterling silver, pearls, gold vermeil.
Efflorescence Ring | Sterling silver, white sapphires, gold vermeil.
November Ring | Sterling silver, moonstone.
Efflorescence Bracelent | Sterling silver, blue sapphire.
November Ring | Sterling silver, topaz, sapphires..
Efflorescence Brooch Luke Maninov Hammond.jpg
Efflorescence Brooch Full.jpg
Efflorescence Brooch empty.jpg
Efflorescence Earrings | 18ct rose gold, blue sapphire, white diamonds.
November Ring | 18ct rose gold, blue sapphire, white diamonds.
Efflorescence Pearl October
Efflorescence Spring Earrings
July Pearl Ring Luke Maninov Hammond
Large Efflorescence Ring Luke Maninov Hammond
July Ring.jpg
Large Efllorescence Ring.jpg
June Ring Luke Maninov Hammond.jpg
Efflorescence Ring Luke Maninov Hammond
November Ring
Efflorescence Earrings.jpg