Australian parti sapphire surrounded by a veil of 18ct yellow gold and set in white gold. Created by Australian contemporary jeweller and neuroscience imaging specailist Luke Maninov Hammond for Beneath the Surface at Pieces of Eight

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Graceful Inner Islands

Following the release of the Graceful Inner Islands exhibition collection in 2016, Luke has continued to explore novel organic forms derived from hand carved porous fragments of cancellous bone. Created according to the principles of wabi-sabi, each piece is transformed into precious metal, forming unique handcrafted items frozen in a moment of decay or emerging from nothingness.

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Towers rings began with the characteristic asymmetric peaked design released with Towers, and the Flowers Remaining (2014). This popular design has evolved into close fitting bands recognised for their ultra fine yet intricately detailed anatomical form.

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Towers Double Band : 18ct yellow gold, green sapphire, white diamond


In This Unfolding

Released at the In This Unfolding solo exhibition at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University in 2015, these pieces are greatly influenced by Luke's career as a neuroscience imaging specialist. Exploring forms of the brain and the philosophical concept of "coming out of the world" as opposed to "coming into the world" each is unique and hand crafted in precious metal. Passionate about finding ways bridge the worlds of art and science, Luke continues to expand the collection each year with new works for group exhibitions, commissions, and for auctions to raise money for research.

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Above and Below

The pieces from Above and Below (2017) are inspired by present day neuroscience imaging and microscopic details presented by renowned microscopist and artist Ernst Haeckel. They are both a celebration and reflection of the past 10 years Luke has dedicated to imaging and fluorescence microscopy, a technique that makes use of glowing proteins derived from jellyfish to visualise and reconstruct the forms of the living.

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Seahorse RINGSterling silver, blue sapphire, gold vermeil, patina


The Flowers Remaining

The Flowers Remaining are signature pieces that have exhibited in Australia and USA as part of Greensmith. They reflect on environmental degradation and the fragile being the first to fade. Each piece hints to a bleak future landscape where the arrangement of bones may be the only flowers remaining.

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Efflorescence began as a series of carefully detailed silver floral forms reflecting on how our semiconscious existence often causes us to neglect the beauty in the world around us. These were recreated with gold and surface patination techniques for a project in Japan in 2013. Floral elements continue to emerge in Luke's work as an expression of the connection between all living things.

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Symmetria, released in 2012, drew inspiration from the complexity and raw beauty of natural form. Each piece was designed to be an object in its own right, something with presence even when not being worn.

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