Only a very limited number of items are produced outside of exhibition collections each year, a selection of these pieces are available to view and purchase in Australia through Fallow and Pieces of Eight Gallery. If you have any queries please get in contact here.


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Surfacing Ring18ct rose gold + garnet + black diamond



Unfolding Bandsterling silver + moonstone+tanzanite


New Dendrite RING18ct yellow gold + white diamond $1,895


Dendrite Earrings18ct yellow gold + white diamonds


Unfolding Pendantsterling silver + morganite



Unfolding Earrings

18ct yellow gold + white diamonds

small cajal
synaptic brooch
gold and emerald sapphire
dendrite pink sapphire



Dendrite RINGsterling silver + blue sapphire



Dark Dendrite RINGsterling silver + sapphire



DARK Cajal RINGsterling silver




CAJAL RINGsterling silver


bouton ring
neuron pendant
bouton studs



Cajal RING9ct rose gold + black diamond

Surfacing Ring

darkened sterling silver + garnet + white sapphire + gold vermeil




purkinje RINGsterling silver + white sapphire

white gold unfolding
unfolding pendant
unfolding ring

Astrocyte Pendant

sterling silver + moonstone

fluorophore pendant

Astrocyte Pendant

darkened sterling silver + moonstone

Astroycte Earrings

sterling silver + amethyst + gold vermeil



Fluorophore RINGsterling silver + tsavorite garnet + white sapphires


Astrocyte Earrings

sterling silver + topaz

astrocyte earrings
unfolding pendant sapphire
Astrocyte earrings
cajal bracelet
large unfolding
unfolding brooch
cajal bracelet