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TFR orignal crop.jpg

the flowers remaining

The Flowers Remaining (2014) exploree the idea of environmental collapse through the creation of floral forms derived from skeletal anatomy. The works reflect on the fragile being the first to fade, and while intrinsically beautiful, hint to a bleak future landscape where the arrangement of bones may be the only flowers remaining. 

The Flowers Remaining Garnet.jpg
The flowers remaining moonstone.jpg
The Flowers Remaining Luke Maninov Hammond eng.jpg
The flowers remaining Morganite 2.jpg
Flowers Remaining Tall.jpg
Flowers Remaining Earrings copy.jpg
Flowers Remaining Peridot.jpg
The Flowers Remaining Earrings Garnet.jpg
The Flowers Remaining Peridot.jpg
The Flowers Remaining Topaz long.jpg
Unfolded Ring.jpg
large unfolding luke maninov Hammond.jpg
TFR silver gold rings.jpg
Unfolding garnet Luke Maninov Hammond.jpg
Large Unfolding 1.jpg
Large Unfolding 2.jpg
Gold TFR.jpg