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Towers Gold Bands Australian Sapphire.jpg


Ultra-fine handmade rings with anatomical detail.

Towers Double Band | 18ct yellow gold, sapphire, white diamond.
Towers Double Band | 18ct white gold, Emerald, white diamonds.
Towers Double Band | rose gold, Australian blue sapphire, white diamond.
Towers Ruby.jpg
Triple Towers Morganite.jpg
double towers band sapphires.jpg
Towers Black Diamond Luke Maninov Hammond.jpg
Towers Engagement Gold black diamond 2.jpg
Towers Ring | Rose gold, black diamond.
Rose gold tower band.jpg
Towers Double Band | Sterling silver, blue sapphire.
Towers Rose Gold Morganite.jpg
Towers Band | Sterling silver, blue sapphire.
Towers Band | Sterling silver, white sapphire.
Unfolding Double Emerald.jpg
Towers Double Band | Sterling silver, sapphire.
Gold Triple Towers Ring.jpg
Towers White Sapphire.jpg
Triple Towers.jpg
Towers Double Band Sapphire.jpg
Towers band ruby.jpg
Towers triple set.jpg
Towers Double Band Spessatite
Towers Triple Set garnet.jpg