Only a very limited number of items are produced outside of exhibition collections each year, a selection of these pieces are available to view and purchase in Australia through Fallow and Pieces of Eight Gallery. If you have any queries please get in contact here.


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beneath the surface luke maninov hammond
sapphire and diamond luke maninov hammond
beneath the surface wedder luke maninov hammond




Towers Triple Band18ct yellow gold, morganite, white diamonds




TOWERS Double BAND18ct yellow gold, green sapphire, white diamond




TOWERS TRIPLE BAND18ct yellow gold, morganite, white diamonds




Unfolding Engagement Ring18ct yellow gold, sapphire, white diamonds




Surfacing Ring18ct rose gold, garnet, black diamond




Unfolding Engagement Ring18ct yellow gold, morganite, white diamonds

emerald luke maninov hammond
towers emerald and sapphire
diamond graceful luke maninov hammond
veil ring luke maninov hammond
cajal ring luke maninov hammond
emerald luke maninov hammond




TOWERS Ring9ct rose gold, black diamond




The Flowers Remaining Ring18ct yellow gold, morganite




November Ring18ct rose gold, Australian blue sapphire, white diamonds



Towers Band

18ct yellow gold, brilliant white diamond

unfolding ring emerald and moonstone





9ct rose gold, white sapphire